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Change The world


Grace Is Power Ministries serves as a justice ministry to recover and strengthen the hearts of God's people to love and serve Him with all their heart, and with all their soul and all of their mind (Matthew 22:37). We are a non-denominational ministry, committed to setting people and territories free from the kingdom of darkness through righteous judgements, testimony outreach and teaching, prophetic empowerment, supernatural healing, and deliverance. This ministry enforces the culture, language, laws and atmosphere of the Kingdom of God. We encourage all to not settle by living their life less than what the Kingdom of God offers through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. We inspire and encourage many that they can also overcome spiritual battles by realizing the power and authority they possess to be who God has created and called them to be.

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We Intentionally Behold God's Heart

Understand that everything you have survived and everything that you have negatively experienced in life conspired to divert and hinder you from beholding God's heart. Intimacy with Him is your rightful portion (heritage).

Statement of Faith

Meet Andrea Ward, the Steward of Grace Is Power Ministries

A daughter of The Most High God, created to seek His Kingdom, His righteousness, and install it in the earth. Spared to war well and recover all— while ruling and hosting the presence of His image.

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Prophetic Announcements: Hear What the Lord is Saying

In a world filled with noise, distractions, and competing messages, it’s crucial to tune in to what really matters: the voice of God. The "Prophetic Announcements: Hear What the Lord is Saying" section is a dedicated space where we share divinely inspired messages, revelations, and prophecies. These spiritual insights serve to guide, encourage, and uplift the Body of Christ in these significant times.